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This homepage is intended as a presentation of my project - a flightsimulator based on a 1:1 cockpitreplica of the F-16 Falcon - and also give other pitbuilders ideas, tips&tricks and hopefully motivation for their own projects.

The news section is a kind of diary, info/reports has technical details and stories about the project and pictures speaks for itself

I'd be happy if you would sign my guestbook! If you have more detailed questions, you could use the contact page to send me a personal message.

Have fun browsing the page!

Michi "MiHi" Hirczy

Last update: 2015/07/22

Workshop Update

Workshop redesign is done.

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Building the seatrail

After more then 5 years I managed to start working on the sim again, the middle section with the seat is going to be reworked.

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Simroom finished

At last! The simroom has been finished!

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Screen mounted

The screen for the beamer is done.

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New of the last 5 years *g*

A lot of things have changed during the last years in our live. The sim got it's new home and suddenly had to move again...



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