Nearly all lamps working
Except the CautionPanel all lamp-outputs of the sim are done and working. Last weekend I finished the ELEC and EPU panel:

Days before I managed to get the first 7-segment-displays on the CMDS panel into working state

As soon as the CautionPanel is done, I'll be able to start with the implementation of the analouge gauges.

More LEDs - and videos
The selfsoldered LED-Controller are done at last!
One is already working inside the left console and lights up importand LEDs like the gear lights.

Today I tried to become a movie-maker - the results can be seen on youtube:

Functionality of the magnetic switch

Responsetimes of the DED-LCD

Report at, one of Germany's bigges internet portals, published an article about my simulator :-)

T-Online Report (German)

Progress on the right Frontpanel
The right frontpanel has been finished, as I intented to. MFD and DED are fully functioning and display the correct data out of Falcon:

Until I manage to build my physical instruments like ADI, RPM, and so on, these data will be displayed on the two MFD-monitors with FalconGauges.

Now all important data is available at one glance, without having to switch views in the simulation.

The DED Is Working!
The DED (DataEntryDisplay) on the right frontpanel is working!
First I created the case to mount the LCD to the glareshield and now the data transfer from Falcon is running great!

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