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Cream Penghilang Flek Hitam 11/06/2018 03:48
Øystein 13/03/2013 14:59
Dany Savard 12/02/2013 00:35
Yes, after 5 years !!
You're back !
Great !!!

I will follow you for sure !
Thanks ...
Spiller 14/03/2012 02:10
Wahnsinn..... !
Ich bin wirklich neidisch, muß ich schon zugeben.
Was ist denn die Ungefähre Preislage Ihres Cockpits?

Viele Grüße

Daniel Spiller
Spooky 1stVFW 19/10/2011 17:33
Hey ho, geiles Ding was du da hast... macht mich echt neidisch ;)
Wie hast du denn die 7-Segment-Anzeigen realisiert, also den Wert für sie bekommen, und wie macht man denn eine Fuel Flow Gauge?
Weiter so!
Lapster 49th 31/01/2010 07:05
Wow dein Pit sowie dein Haus ist echt klasse. In Sachen Pitbau hast du da echt absolut nichts ausgelassen. O.K jetzt muss es raus ! Ich schätze das ich mir auch ein Homepit baue, denn deins hat mich glatt vom Hocker gehauen.
Scott "armeav8r" Davis 26/01/2010 22:26
I'm "Blade" at the 148th Bulldogs. Thanks for the info. your site pointed me to a LOT of good stuff for my cockpit. Thanks.
brautkleiderIvy 11/01/2010 07:45
Hello from Zuerich,
i just want to say that i like your website very much.
I will come back soon.

Yours Ivy
Wendell Hardy Henry 18/08/2009 14:40
Looks neat , any interest in the sUAV market . F16 simulators , I first played the 8086version, was hooked eversense . looking to modify my model aircraft to be controlled from console. with all the instruments working.
Jim Beauchamp 22/07/2009 16:58
I really appreciate all of the hours of work you put into Falcon SIOC Transfer. I was dreading having to learn how to program with the SIOC and interfacing it to the IOBoards. I think I could do it, but it would be buggy and very hard.
FlightDreamz 28/06/2009 16:09
Cool project! Looks great so far (I would never have the time or patience to do something like this). I'm impressed you have both an input AND output computers running on this rig and I'm even impressed your took you Thrustmaster Cougar apart to make it fit more realistically. I use an Saitek X52 Flight Control System myself (an older version of the "Pro" see, the other throttle/flight sticks controls where too rich for my blood!
bruder aus belarus 13/06/2009 12:46
he bruder!

geill, da passat scho in da garage und die mitzl auf da terrasse...

bist scho wieda auf da range, weilst ned online bist?
Richard 23/02/2009 06:42
I am looking for real F-16 instruments and avionics for my sim and have some available as well.
ReactorOne 02/02/2009 20:51
Nice software !!!! thanks a lot Michi !

Thierry "ReactorOne"
Scrambler 03/01/2009 18:31
Nice work , thank you very much.
Pat 24/11/2008 16:56
GANZ GANZ großer Respekt...!!!
Petrus Weinrebe 17/11/2008 23:02
Nice work,My uncle is working on a pilatus PC-9
Russell 16/11/2008 20:12
Good information here, I'm getting ready to take the "Sim Plunge" myself here soon.
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